Saturday, March 22, 2008

The symbol behind Easter

Do not focus on Jesus the man,
Do not focus only on the words
of the story.
Feel it in your heart.

The story of Jesus
is the embodiment,
the mirror
of our own story.

Let's look at it
in relation with our own life:
there is a time when we think we know all,
when our affairs are going well,
a time when life flows easily.

At some moments
we do not know why,
things seems to freeze,
we feel prisoners.
Whe are in the jails
of the temporal power
the belief in a separate material world :
money problems, work problems,
family problems, health problems,...

We think : "Why?Why?"
and they are time when no solution seems to appear.
We turn and turn desperately in our minds
like does a computer's hard disk
looking for some data.
But no stored data can answer our questions.
We then feel lost...
It is our Golgotha.

Even if usually our faith is strong,
when the cross of our problems becomes too heavy,
in those moments when we feel
completely powerless,
we may imagine ourselves as completely cut from the Source.
This step is what is called the "ninth hour"
in the Gospel of St Mark,
it's a time when Jesus is supposed to have said :
"My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?"

The ninth hour is the last step of the cycle of our belief
in the duality of the world.
With the tenth hour come the return of the One (1+0),
the revelation our true nature.

In fact God or our true nature never left
but the ninth hour brought us at a place
from where all our illusions emerge :
the Golgotha...which means "the place of a skul".
We can interpret it as the "head",
the place from where all our ideas of suffering
and separation are born.

The next steps of the story are the release of the ghost
or total letting go.
Then the Sabbath,
a day when all men should abstain from any action,
a step of absolute release to the operation of the living Universe.

Look at how this can apply perfectly as a step by step process
to get out of any desperate situation in our life :

1) We feel prisoner of a material power (Pilates)
2) Our problem is felt as a crucifiction.
3) We feel abandoned even by the spiritual power we used to believe in.
4) We do not accept to let go
5) We finally leave our heads (Golgotha) and release the Spirit
6) We let the law of spirit clean the mess

Then you know the end of the story.
The next day, we are already raised from the dead,
there is no separation, no body left in the sepulchre
and the Gospel says :

"He that believeth shall be saved"

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Our dreams are real

We are a dream,
but "dream" does not mean "illusion"
it does not mean "unreal",
on the contrary,
a dream is pure power,
it is the force behind our actions
and the blueprint of our reality.

The original dream we are here to unfold
vibrates at the center of our hearts,
let it flow out
and expand freely in it's perfection
through the 3 Dimensional world.

Any dream is good,
if it is coming from your heart.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The only way to create our reality

We live through consciousness.
All our thoughts,
all our words
create shapes in this big ocean of mind
and all cause create an effect
according to the law.

Choosing our thoughts
choosing our words
is enough to change our reality...
Not only enough

Living is praying
it's automatic,
every thought,
negative or positive
is a prayer
and because of the loving power of life
all prayers are answered...

Understand your power
Understand the magic :
"it is done as we ask for."

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Where is the answer?

The Veil is dissolving
for many of us.
Discovering the evidence of the truth
we will ask ourselves why
we did believe
so long
in the illusions...
Yes, it is because illusions are illusions or false beliefs
and false beliefs are things we believe in.
By experience, you know that when we believe in something
it becomes our reality...

But here is Grace,
false prophets announced a time of judgment
of punishment,
of fear,
of sadness...
But the sacred texts never said so,
on the contrary
they announced a time when we would believe in our Source in Spirit and in Truth...
In fact, Spirit and truth had always been flowing through us
because it is our true nature,
but our minds have been busy in looking for more.
Our human minds have been abused by blind teachers...
Now, by Grace, our Original nature
is becoming evident,
not anymore through the words of the followers of Prophets,
now it comes directly through our hearts.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Your illumination already happened

All is here,
all around, everywhere,
the landscape in the eyes
the feelings in the body
the heat on the skin,
the voice talking.
Only one world
kids playing somewhere,
crows calling in a tree,
whatever we do,
it is
and feeling it
is so easy :
"Be still
and know that
I AM "

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Why resist more?

Do not resist more,
Do not control more,
Know you do not breathe by yourself,
you do not make your heart beat,
you do not make the sun appear in the morning,
you do not create the food you eat,...

all is provided to you,

What you need to do
is just ask,
and then
believe it will be done.

you ask and it is done
For good or for bad...

we live in Spirit
and all our thoughts emerge inside this Spirit.
Spirit is like the soil around the seeds
so any thought or word
instantly starts growing
to reach reality.
Be it a sad thought
or an happy thought
it makes no difference.

It is why we should understand
the way Spirit works.
If I say "I do not believe"...
all the Angels in the Heavens cannot make me change my mind?
Until I say "Yes I believe"
I myself shut all the doors
and there is nothing to expect
because it is my choice.

Saying "I do not believe"
is turning my back to my true nature,
it is so simple,
I just have to let go
the control,
like a baby on the breast
of a Mother,
in confidence,
let go
and BE LIFE...

Friday, February 1, 2008

Our words are THE MAGIC

time has come to notice what we are.
Time has come to understand that the POWER is in our words...
Our words are not only products of the brain
result of our cultures.

Our words,
all our words
speak the truth
the language of SPIRIT.

No word is pronounced in vain,
no idea can be thought
without creating an effect.
Everything we think or say
becomes a shape in the world.

This is the only SECRET
and we call it SECRET because of our ignorance.
From the beginning of time
prophets told us the truth.

All sacred texts of humanity express it,
it is an open rule.
But men did not want to listen to it
they called it "religion"
and made it a side activity,
they turned their back to this science of Spirit
and created the science of man.

And we started to believe that the science of man
would one day be able to reveal us our true nature...
But the science of man is only able to work
on the plane of effects,
it is the expression of the word,
through it we were able to create cars, planes, houses, home appliances,
all what makes our existence more easy...

But the real Science
is life itself,
it is action, it is process.

The navigator does not have to understand the origin of the winds
it is much more useful to know how they can help him reach
his destinations.