Friday, February 1, 2008

All happens in mind.

The Secret of it All is so simple,
that we forgot it :

We think it should be more complex,
more difficult to reach,
so we create theories, religions and complex rituals
and we imagine that we loose the contact.

Call this MIND the name you want
it doesn't matter,
the fact is that
all what happens happens in IT.

Mountains, rivers, ourselves, our pets,...
and everybody,
all that is
exists in IT,
there is no outside of IT.

Criminals, wars, illnesses,
as well as all benedictions
are all ideas in this One Mind.

Close your eyes and feel IT,
Open your eyes and see IT,
You never can loose IT,
be separated from IT,
whatever you do.

You may think "I am lost",
You may think "I am bad"
You may think "I will never get it"
this is just delusion,
this is just self hypnosis.
when we look for it
it's like dreaming that somebody robbed our body,
awakening and looking for it in every corner of our room...

Know IT is always with you
IT is the air we breathe in,
the atmosphere around us.
IT is limitless,
IT is everywhere.

it's why we call it SUPREME BEING
We also call IT "God",
or "Spirit",
we use all kind of names
but no name have importance
because IT is already here,
now and forever.

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