Friday, February 1, 2008

Our words are THE MAGIC

time has come to notice what we are.
Time has come to understand that the POWER is in our words...
Our words are not only products of the brain
result of our cultures.

Our words,
all our words
speak the truth
the language of SPIRIT.

No word is pronounced in vain,
no idea can be thought
without creating an effect.
Everything we think or say
becomes a shape in the world.

This is the only SECRET
and we call it SECRET because of our ignorance.
From the beginning of time
prophets told us the truth.

All sacred texts of humanity express it,
it is an open rule.
But men did not want to listen to it
they called it "religion"
and made it a side activity,
they turned their back to this science of Spirit
and created the science of man.

And we started to believe that the science of man
would one day be able to reveal us our true nature...
But the science of man is only able to work
on the plane of effects,
it is the expression of the word,
through it we were able to create cars, planes, houses, home appliances,
all what makes our existence more easy...

But the real Science
is life itself,
it is action, it is process.

The navigator does not have to understand the origin of the winds
it is much more useful to know how they can help him reach
his destinations.

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