Sunday, February 10, 2008

Why resist more?

Do not resist more,
Do not control more,
Know you do not breathe by yourself,
you do not make your heart beat,
you do not make the sun appear in the morning,
you do not create the food you eat,...

all is provided to you,

What you need to do
is just ask,
and then
believe it will be done.

you ask and it is done
For good or for bad...

we live in Spirit
and all our thoughts emerge inside this Spirit.
Spirit is like the soil around the seeds
so any thought or word
instantly starts growing
to reach reality.
Be it a sad thought
or an happy thought
it makes no difference.

It is why we should understand
the way Spirit works.
If I say "I do not believe"...
all the Angels in the Heavens cannot make me change my mind?
Until I say "Yes I believe"
I myself shut all the doors
and there is nothing to expect
because it is my choice.

Saying "I do not believe"
is turning my back to my true nature,
it is so simple,
I just have to let go
the control,
like a baby on the breast
of a Mother,
in confidence,
let go
and BE LIFE...

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