Saturday, February 16, 2008

Where is the answer?

The Veil is dissolving
for many of us.
Discovering the evidence of the truth
we will ask ourselves why
we did believe
so long
in the illusions...
Yes, it is because illusions are illusions or false beliefs
and false beliefs are things we believe in.
By experience, you know that when we believe in something
it becomes our reality...

But here is Grace,
false prophets announced a time of judgment
of punishment,
of fear,
of sadness...
But the sacred texts never said so,
on the contrary
they announced a time when we would believe in our Source in Spirit and in Truth...
In fact, Spirit and truth had always been flowing through us
because it is our true nature,
but our minds have been busy in looking for more.
Our human minds have been abused by blind teachers...
Now, by Grace, our Original nature
is becoming evident,
not anymore through the words of the followers of Prophets,
now it comes directly through our hearts.

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